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Q: The record file cannot open.

A: Try to change a player.

Q: Cannot find the record file.

A: First, please you have recording successfully,( the first recording needs a little longer time, Switch ON, red light flash, after the red light off, start recording, please switch to OFF when stop recording, nor the record file will not save), after recording successfully, it will save to “RECORD” folder in the devices.

Q: Recording successfully, and can play, but the record file missing after that.

A: Try to recovery the data(give the customer software, and tell them how to use it)
Notice: recovery the data, and save the file to the computer then format the device.

Q: There has no response when you insert in computer, the indicator not bright

A: Reset the device.

Q: How to synchronize time?

A: Our product built-in settime software, you will see it after you open the device, open the software to set the time, for more details, please check the user manual, besides, we suggest to set time before recording,( because the time will reset to factory setting after the battery exhaust), we only can set time in windows, ios cannot.

Q: About operating system and compatibility of flash.

A: Support system: WIN2000,XP,WIN7/8,VISTA. Below IOS X 10.10.2.
Support flash: 20NM.

Q: About the response: some customers say, when you insert the device to computer again, The response is very slow, needs 5-10 mins.(It’s fast at the beginning)

A: It response slow refers to computer recognize the device or open the file in the device?
Generally, the first time insert the device into computer will be slow, because it needs to install a drive, it will faster after that.
If open the the file in the device slow, maybe there has some other operating software in the device, make a copy of data in device, then format the device, and copy the data to device again, it will faster after that.

Q: About recognition: Why it cannot be recognized? Is there any solution?

A: There are 2 situations it cannot be recognized. First, the crystal oscillator is broke, if this, it cannot recognized in any way. Second, the 2 middle date line of USB   interface contact not good, if you changed to another USB interface it can recognized.

Q: About the charging: Some old computer insufficient power supply, do I need to use a converter?

A: No, you do not need to use the converter.

Q:Recording DB: When will it stop recording automatically?

A: It will stop recording when the voice lower than 30DB.

Q: About the recording time: How long will it record after full charged?(There are 2 kinds of recording time: 1. storage recording time, 2. Battery recording time)

A:  8GB memory can save 36 hours recording file, 13 hours recording time after fully charged.

Q: The device can’t charging at all?

A:Please make sure the power switch ON, because the device only start charging after power ON.

Q: I renamed the device disk folder RECORD in my computer, then the device shows no recording files. Why?

A:The device disk RECORD folder is automatically created by the device system, please do not rename or delete it. Otherwise the device can’t recognize your existing recording files.

Q: I modify the folder name back to RECORD, but the device still shows no recording files, why?

A:You renamed the original RECORD folder and then modify the folder name back to RECORD again, it is useless. The device only recognize the recording files in “RECORD” folder which is created by its system automatically, so even if you modify the folder name back to RECORD, it still useless. Please make sure the device disk only have one folder.

Please try to start a new recording, then you will find that there is a another new RECORD folder in disk, and then you need to move your recording files in the modified folder into the system newly created RECORD folder. And delete your renamed folder. So the device can recognize and playback all your existing recording files normally in device.

Q: What should I do if the device showed “disk error” or “format error”?

A:Please connect with your computer and back up all your important recording files, then formatting the disk in computer. Or you can restore to factory settings in device.

Q: I format the disk in my MAC computer, but it still display disk error and can’t working.

A:Please use Windows PC computer when formatting the disk.

Q: VOR level can be set 0-35. It is not clear what is 0 and what is 35? When it is set to 35 then also a quiet noise would trigger the recording, why?

A:For the VOR level sensitivity, it is actually the sensitivity of the microphone. If you set the number to 0, then the microphone sensitivity will be very low, so you need to speak very very loudly to activated the recording. On the contrary, if you set the number to 35, then the microphone sensitivity will be higher, so you can activated recording even with a lower voice.

You set the sensitivity too high, that’s why the quiet noise can trigger the recording. The level sensitivity should be adjust according to your recording environment.

Q: Should I always open VOR function?

A:If in important situations, we don’t suggest you to open VOR function, because if set the unsuitable sensitivity level, the recording may miss some voice.

Q: What is the “record subsection” in the menu?

A:Record Subsection means that the device will automatically save the recording files in a period time you set. You can set it as 0/30/60/90/120/150/180/210/240/270/300/330/360Minutes.

The default is 0, it means the recording will be only saved after you switch the button to SAVE. So if you continue recording 200minutes, then the recording file will be in 200minutes length time.

When you set the record subsection in 30Minutes for example, then when recording, it will automatically save a recording file in 30th minutes, and then continue new recording. That means if you continue recording 80minutes, then after you finished recording. You will find that there are 3 recording files in it, the first and second recording file are both in 30minutes length, and the third recording file is in 20minutes length.

Q: The record file cannot open. I can’t understand the “Repeat One” and “Repeat All” in music playback setting, what is that for?

A:Repeat One means that always repeat the same song playback. For example, if you set Repeat One, then device will always repeat play the song you selected, it will never switch to next song unless you press NEXT button.

Repeat All means cycle repeat playback.  For example you have 4 audios/songs in device, if you set Repeat All, the device will switch to the next song automatically after the previous song finished, and always cycle playback like this: 1-2-3-4-1….

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