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[NEWS] Digital Voice Recorder Doubles the Learning Efficiency of Children

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During the holiday, every child is looking forward to receiving a gift full of surprises. However, giving gifts to children is exquisite. Toys, games and food can win the children’s favor for a while, but they cannot help learning. Therefore, most parents will be clever fish and bear paws, and choose a gift for their children, such as a voice recorder, that can be enjoyed by their children and useful for their learning.


How effective is this gift? Let’s briefly introduce it below.


In the process of learning, the most common thing that children encounter is that they cannot understand the teacher’s explanation while taking notes while attending a class, or “the pen in the hand can’t keep up with the teacher’s mouth”, which can easily lead to the omission of key content.


In the off-class study, it takes a lot of time to find the knowledge points that you need in the thick notes, and you can’t organize the notes systematically. The voice recorder solves these pain points well.


It can record the teacher’s explanation in class in time, and then listen to and take notes after class. The recorder uses a multi-microphone array and cooperates with Aomago’s voice recorder to ensure excellent sound pickup at multiple angles and long distances, with a pickup distance of 10-15 meters. Its large-capacity battery can guarantee long-term recording without worrying about stopping recording midway.


Children can quickly find the content they need in numerous recording files, and can even locate the key information directly in the lengthy recording, and listen to the required content through headphones. Greatly shorten the time required for record use and search. The saved recording files can be stored in a mobile phone or computer via a data cable, so that children can view, edit and share them, and quickly improve their English scores.


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