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[NEWS] Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Give You A Wonderful Music Lighting Experience

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In the home decoration environment, the Bluetooth speaker light can make the indoor environment at night have a different feeling. Through the embellishment of different tones of light, the home environment can be more warm, and if there is a little music, it will be more perfect. This music color light is not only a night light, but also a Bluetooth speaker, one thing is multi-purpose, let’s take a look at how this music night light performs.


In appearance, this bluetooth night light has a sense of design. The desk lamp design makes this light more retro and has a strong family style. The power interface of this bluetooth speaker light uses a Micro USB interface, which can be powered by a mobile phone charging head.


The operation function area of ​​the light adopts touch design, which is very convenient to operate. You can change the different colors of the light by touching it. There are 6 colors of white, red, bluetooth, purple, green, and cyan, which is very advanced.


Through brightness adjustment, the lamp can be displayed with 3 kinds of brightness, different brightness is used as a reading lamp, the light is soft and eye protection. In the sleep mode, the brightness of the light will be adjusted to the lowest level, allowing the baby to fall asleep at ease. In addition, you can set a two-hour delay to turn off the lights and automatically turn off the lights during deep sleep to prevent the lights from affecting sleep all night.


In addition to being used as a night light, this light also comes with its own Bluetooth speaker function. After connecting via the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, it can be used to play music, which is very powerful.


On the whole, the lighting experience of this Bluetooth night light is good. The warm light tone is very atmospheric, and the touch control settings are more convenient than the physical keys. It can switch different colors of lights and experience different atmospheres. This Bluetooth night light is a good choice.


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