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[NEWS] Low Presence Magnetic Voice Recorder

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In this era when smart phones are ubiquitous, smart phones basically cover various functions that once required professional equipment, such as taking pictures, clocks, compasses, and even voice recorders, and connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere, sharing and uploading. Both are more convenient, why do we need a separate recording pen? Of course, because of the technical expertise, a simple recording phone is fully capable, but in some professional occasions, a voice recorder with better recording effect and more focused recording quality will be better than that of a mobile phone.


On the other hand, the independent voice recorder can make you more flexible in recording, will not occupy your phone, and has better stability, so that you will not miss any moments. Aomago L1000 is such a voice recorder, in addition to professional recording functions, the main feature is the “stealth” effect. L1000 can be used in news interviews, business meetings, study and life and other occasions. The capacity of the hand-held recorder is 8G, and 16G and 32G are also available. Accessories include Type C data wire control, matching earphones and product manuals.


Because of the main “invisible” design, the appearance of the recorder is the same as some tubes, with the indicator light and operation keys on the side. The Type C transmission interface is at the bottom. It is very simple to use in practice. You only need to flip the switch up to start recording, down to enter voice-activated recording, and dial it back to stop recording. For other operations, you need to connect the headphone cable. The included earphones can be directly plugged into the recorder to listen to the recording effect, play music files, etc., so that you can check the recording effect anytime, anywhere.


Because it is a 360° pickup recorder, and the volume is very small, so you only need to carry it with you, or put it in a nearby location to record well. The all-black color scheme also makes this little thing very present. low. Another selling point is the strong magnetic design, which allows you to find a place to attach it, such as on the edge of the table. Of course, it can also be attached to the legs of the table to facilitate recording in different positions. In addition, as long as iron materials, this recorder can be smoothly absorbed. Therefore, for recording workers in need, the strong magnetic adsorption design is really very practical.


L1000 voice recorder supports PCM lossless linear recording, the format is WAV, the microphone is 360° sound source absorption, and the built-in DSP acoustic noise reduction technology can filter background noise to a certain extent and make the recording clearer. In actual experience, the sound quality is indeed purer than that of direct recording on a smartphone, with less background noise. However, when you touch the recorder or rub it in your pocket, there will be a certain degree of interfering sound, so be careful to avoid it when using it.


L1000 has a built-in time chip, which automatically timestamps the recording when recording, has the function of automatically synchronizing the time of the recording file, and also supports the automatic segmentation function, which automatically generates a file for storage every 5 hours. In addition, it also comes with automatic recording encryption function, after setting the password, all recording files will be automatically encrypted to ensure the security of the recording files.


Aomago L1000 has a relatively good battery life. After a full charge, it can record 400 hours or 166 hours of music playback. It also supports the automatic save function when the power is turned off. The recording will be automatically saved when the battery is low to avoid data loss. It’s a pity that it can’t be transmitted to the mobile phone and the network in real time through the Internet. You can only manage the recording files through the data cable to connect to the computer.


In general, L1000 voice recorder is a voice recorder with “extremely low presence”. The purpose is to provide users with a clear recording experience. With the characteristics of small size and large battery, it can easily achieve “all-weather” “”-Style recording, whether it is work or study, has a certain applicability. And if there is a need for concealed recording, this ultra-low presence recorder is also a very suitable choice.

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