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[NEWS] Our Phone Can Record Voice, Is It Necessary to Use A Voice Recorder?

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In the workplace, people often need to take meeting notes and sometimes travel for training. It is far from enough to organize this kind of information, whether it is memorable or bad writing. Only a smart recording device can greatly improve work efficiency.

Many people may wonder, mobile phones can record voice, is it necessary to use a voice recorder?

Here is a simple comparison with the Aomago V508 recorder, the answer is clear at a glance:



1. More clarity

In a quiet environment with few people, mobile phone recording may be able to cope; but in a conference room where many people are talking, or in a larger and more open environment, mobile phone recording is basically blurred. Only professional recording pens can reduce the noise of environmental sound to ensure the clarity of the recording content;


V508 has S-Mic high-sensitivity microphone, which can reduce distortion during recording. After the intelligent noise reduction is turned on, it can filter out the noise and noise other than the recording target;



2. More focused

When using a mobile phone to record, returning a text message or answering a phone call may interrupt the recording or cause the recording file to be lost. The voice recorder is different. After one-key recording is pressed, there is no need to worry about other interruptions.



3. More concealed and convenient

For one-on-one interviews or occasions where the subject of the recording is more sensitive, mobile phone recording is not suitable, and mobile phones are not allowed in some occasions. It is very light and concealed, and will not have a great impact on the recording object;



4. Large space, long battery life

There is also a very troublesome problem with mobile phone recording, that is, space and power. In normal use, you need to clean up the space frequently, and you need to charge it when you play a game or browse the web page. In the face of long-term recording, it is too “southern” for mobile phones.


The professional voice recorder V508 does not have to worry about these problems. It has built-in 8G memory, can record 96 hours in high recording format, and also supports expansion cards; the memory is up to 32GB, even if the meeting is held for a day and night;


5. More professional

If you are a newcomer to the workplace, just take out a mobile phone to record when you are on a business trip. Those who bring out professional recording pens during meetings and interviews are the real seniors in the workplace.


Aomago is not only powerful, clear recording, full of business style, but also supports intelligent transcription. The meeting is one hour, and the draft is 5 minutes.



Do you now understand why mobile phones can also record, but you need to use a voice recorder?

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