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[NEWS] The Voice Recorder Can Record About 500 Hours

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In daily work, voice recorders are becoming more and more common, and the requirements for their functions are getting higher and higher. It not only has professional high-level recording quality, but also has functions such as MP3 playback. It can be described as a multi-function machine, saving money and easy to use. . For students or workers on the go, the biggest demand for a recorder is long standby time, low noise, large memory and convenient portability. Today I recommend a recorder “Model L701” large-capacity battery that supports 500 hours recording time after fully charge.


Product Details:

1. Built in 8GB memory;
2. Dimensions:70*27*20mm; weight: 66g;
3. Built in polymer lithium battery;
4. Recording format: WAV;
5. Record bit rates: 192Kbps;
6. Sampling rate: 48KHZ;
7. 8GB Memory Recording time: 96hours;
8. Support voice activated recording and one key recording;
9. Support MP3 music playing(MP3/WAV/WMA);
10. Charging time: about 1 hour.


Product Features:

Long Time Recording
The voice recorder with 3000mAh battery allows maximum 365 days stand by time, continuous recording for over 50 hours at high quality after each fully powered. If use ‘Long Hour Recording’ function, the recording time will be longer.


Time Stamp File
Move, delete or find audio files easily, as all your saved audio files are automatically marked with timestamp (year-month-hour-minute-second), quickly lock out the file you are looking for.


Strong Magnetic Absorption

It can be attached to anywhere, under bed, office desk, car seat, making the recording easily and secretly; Noise can be reduced by irritation; the recording sound is 40% clearer than normal digital voice recorder.


If you want to order this product, pls click here

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