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[NEWS] What kind of pen voice recorder you like?

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Today I want to share my first voice recorder to you. It’s Aomago V82 recording pen with metal shell, unique and innovative design. This is exactly what it sounds like it is a pen that has a voice recorder inside of it to record any conversations that you might want to say. You can see it’s about the same size as just a regular pen. It only 40g weight and easy to carry . You can also put it in your pocket and it’ll hear just fine when you have jeans on it. It’s for recording without any issue whatsoever the audio quality through clothing.


When you press the button, it’s gonna be recording so right now its recording everything that you are saying. When you done recording, you can press the button to save. And then when you want to listen to what was recorded all you have to do is plug in earphone. This pen is built-in 100mAh lithium battery and has a 10 hour battery recording time, also it has voice activation and mp3 player. If you want to listen to music, just enjoy it with earphone.


There are 16GB and 32GB big memory to choose, 16GB storage can hold up to 180 hours recordings file, 32GB storage can hold up to 360 hours recordings file. Do not need to worry out of memory when recording. This recording pen is great if you are trying to record conversations of any sort so with lawyers. If you are trying to record college classes we get that one a lot. Any conversations with employers or co-workers and you need to save, this pen would be great for that and it’s completely discreet. It looks exactly like a pen, you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing there’s a recorder inside only you know.


So let’s talk about what’s inside the box, actual pen device, USB cable, use manual and earphone. If you are attracted by this voice recorder pen, please click here.


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