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Aomago Portable UVC Disinfection Lamp Ozone Kill 99.9% Germs

Model Number: K100
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Size: 225*36*24mm, Weight: 68g

Lifespan: about 20,000 hours

Sterilization Rate: >=99.9%

Radiation: >2000uW/cm2

Wavelength: 253.7nm (UVC)

Certification: CE, ROHS

Product description

UV Light Description:

Model No.: K100
Size: 225*36*24mm
Color: White
Rate Power: 3W(Max)
Working Voltage: 6V
Function: disinfection,sterilization
Battery: 4pcs AAA battery


UV Light Feature:

The irradiation intensity is 300uW/cm2 after the device turn ON, and the irradiation dose is 100000uW.s/cm2 when the object surface is irradiated at a close range.Irradiate the object’s surface at a close range for 2 minutes can kill bacteria.

99.9% sterilization rate: Sterilization,disinfection,Eliminate mites. Disinfection for crawling mats for babies, pet supplies and bedding.

Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic wave, and its bactericidal effect is strong at 253.7nm. The mechanism of using ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses is to interfere its RNA replication so as to making its protein inactive.

Pure physical sterilization method, which can destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria and other microorganisms in 3 seconds, making them lose their ability to reproduce and survive.

UV Light Usage:

Stop working when the UV light is facing up Working normally when the UV light is facing down.

Note: In order to protect our eyes being irradiated from the UV light,the UV light will be turn off automatically if the lamp light was facing up. And it is normal to hear slightly noise when using it, because there is a ball slide inside.

Convenient and healthy when Traveling No need to worry about finding a charging place when going out, convenient for security check. 

One key to switch ON/OFF. Simple operation and one-button disinfection Ultraviolet lighting position. Guard family health by eliminate mites and disinfection.



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