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USB Sound Recorder WAV Recording Format 384KBPS 48KHz Mini Long Time Spy Recorder UL103

Model Number: UL103
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1. USB Flash Drive & Voice Recorder -2 in 1 Designed This small device can be used as not only a USB flash drive but also a voice recorder, better meet needs of different people such as laywers, students, businessmen, etc.

2. Hidden Recording -It looks like a USB stick, but actually a voice recorder. In this way, recording is secret and hidden.

3. Long Time Recording -WAV 384kbps 4GB could hold up to 24 hours’ recording and 8GB could hold up to 48 hours’ recording.

4. Easy to Use -It supports one-key recording. Switch on to start recording, switch off to stop recording and plug it in your laptops or computers for charging directly. Charging takes about 2-3 hours and the device can record 13-16 hours after fully charged.

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Hot Sale WAV Recording Format 384KBPS 48KHz Mini USB Sound Recorder Long Time Spy Recorder UL103


USB Sound Recorder-UL103

1.Size: 66.5*22*8.5mm; Weight: 16g
2.Recording format: WAV
3.Charging time: about 2-3 hours
4.Recording time: about 16 hours after fully charged
5.USB flash drive function and Mini voice recorder pen
6.Material: Metal
7.Battery: 110mah lithium battery
8.Sampling bites: 48KHZ
9.Bit rate: 384KBPS
10.Memory record time: 4GB continuous recording 24 hours; 8GB continuous recording 48 hours


1.Sturdy and durable metal shell;

2.Long time recording: 16 hours’ recording time ;

3. Multi-functions: USB flash drive+Voice Recorder;

4.Bit rates could be customized to 192kbps if needed.

In this way, recording time would be 48 hours for 4GB and 96 hours for 8GB.

5.Voice activation or VOR function could be added.

6.One key operation: Switch it on to start recording and off to save the recording file.



Accessories : Product, User Manual, Color card and Blister package

Packing information:
CTN SIZE: 49*30*24cm


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