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[NEWS] Why You Need A Solar Radio?

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In the event of a natural disaster, it is very likely that the communication network will be restricted or may not be active. The radio is a small tool in your survival kit to send out emergency signals or alarms.

Radios based on the use of batteries are not suitable for this situation, because once the radio is exhausted, you will not be able to charge it unless you find a replaceable battery. In the case of natural disasters, this situation is extremely unlikely to happen.

Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a solar-powered radio. Charged by solar energy or hand crank, the power of the radio will never run out. Next, I will bring you the latest solar radio ER373 in 2021, which is on sale on Amazon.


Solar Radio Feature:

1. Keep your family prepared with this AM/FM & NOAA weather alert radio,broadcast emergency weather alerts for your area such as hurricanes,tornadoes and severe storms.

2. emergency solar radio has a 5000mAh power bank which provides up to 50-70 hours of light or 25-50 hours of radio time (depending on the sound volume),also providing emergency power to any small tablet or phone.

3. Hand crank,solar charging, USB cable and 3 AAA dry batteries, please use the emergency weather radio’s power sources when you need a boost of power or need to recharge the radio.

4. The emergency solar Hand crank radio has SOS ALARM, please ask for help in case you have an emergency or you want to warn somebody.

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